Our leak detection experts have a 98% success rate at finding a leak.


    Our leak detection experts have a 98% success rate at finding a leak.


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Leak Detection Experts in London

Plumbers can fix visible leaks easily but if the source of a water leak isn’t obvious then it’s better to call one of our leak detection experts to find the leak and stop any further damage. Our leak detection techniques include using thermal imaging cameras, tracer gas, and moisture meters as well as ground microphones. Our leak detection experts are trade accredited.

Many people find that some areas of their home (and commercial premises) can start to show black mould or mildew patches on internal walls and ceilings. It’s been proven that you are more likely to suffer from a respiratory problem or chest infection if you have a damp or mildew problem. Mould and mildew produce allergens and even toxins, so it’s important to treat this problem as soon as possible. The structure of a property can be affected if there are damp or mildew problems too.

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Areas we cover

All our tradespeople are available to work in all London boroughs, the City of London and all areas within the M25.

If you live outside of the M25 we still might be able to supply a tradesperson. Please call us on 0208 004 4442 to check availability.

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